Mestre Barrão

joins us for our

Children's Batizado & Troca de Corda


A Batizado is a traditional ceremony in which students of Capoeira are awarded their first belt by a Mestre or another high-level leader of Capoeira – typically from our Grupo. Students who have already received their first belt will also have an opportunity to change their belt (Troca de Corda) for the next level belt. 

This year Kansas City will be celebrating the

hard work and commitment of the children of our school.


The Ceremony will be held in the evening of Friday September, 16th and will consist of a cultural music and dance presentation followed by a ceremonial Roda.

*    *    *

The big event is always preceded by Capoeira, music and dance workshops (Sept. 13 - 15th). These classes will be taught by  Mestre Barrão and any other guests who have been invited to Kansas City to share with us their experience and knowledge of Capoeira while giving witness and support to our work here in Kansas City.