WHERE: Axé Capoeira Academy

The Children of Grupo Axé Capoeira Kansas City are happy to host a wonderful afternoon sharing Capoeira with your children.  Come learn more about this beautiful African-Brazilian Martial Art. 

6430 Troost ave. Kansas City, Mo 64131

WHEN: Wednesday Sept. 25th

Your children will be introduced to the many aspect of Capeoira that make it so enjoyable to learn.  Acrobatics, balance, rhythm, movement, music, culture, strength, flexibility and self assurance will be offered to your children through this art of Capoeira.

WHY: Because we Love to grow

Capoeira is about expansion. Opening one's mind to the many aspects of self while growing a strong team of people who use the art of Capoeira for betterment.  There is nothing more energizing than sharing Capoeira with our community and then, be given the opportunity to witness and participate in Growth