Welcome to the first annual weekend inspired by Women of Kansas City.  In honor of International Women's Month, you are invited to participate in two amazing days packed with: Inspiration, vibration, elevation, education, movement, meditation, creation and collaboration.  Come ready to explore! 

Guided by our team of talented Women Magicians, Saturday's activities will take place at Axé Capoeira Academy; the Magik continues on Sunday at Yoga Patch.  Please see the Schedule below - set times for guided instruction along with  an "Open house" format throughout the day.  With the purchase of a wrist band you can come and go as you wish or, enjoy the full day with us.  For you Kansas City!  Thank you! 

Saturday March 25th Axé Capoeira Academy


9:00 am - A blessing to begin

9:15 am - Yoga - Victoria 

10:00 am - Singing bowls -

11:15 am - Blessed Garden (outside) - Izula

12:00pm - Capoeira class (5-7yrs) - Sonia

1:30pm - Salsa - Danni

1:30pm - pour painting & photography (outside)

3:00pm - Capoeira Roda

4:00pm - West African Dance - Esoke dance

5:30pm - Voice - Victoria and Sammi

7:00pm - Fire with Guided Ceremony

Open House Magicians


Herbs, tinctures, syrups and DIY teas, water colors,  Jewelry, beading, Tarot, Nutritionist, Fabulous Fungi, Midwifery, flower garland DIY, Gardening, composting, massage



Sunday March 26th                 Yoga Patch

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Femme Magik