Belt System

There’s no such thing as a black belt in Capoeira.

Each group uses its own system for 

rank and advancement. The longer you train, the more time you spend at a belt level.

The belt is known as “corda” or cord, and is presented to the student during an event 

called a Batizado. This is a celebration of Brazilian culture through dances and music.

Axé Capoeira Kansas City holds a Batizado once every other year. Students are 

encouraged to travel to other Axé Capoeira events across the country for advanced 

learning and experience as often as they are able.

What is a Batizado? How do I get a belt?

Batizados, or “baptisms”, occur when a new student receives his or her first belt. The 

next time you advance in belts it’s called a “troca de corda” or “change in cord.” These 

events occur after a weekend of intense workshops and games that test your skills and 

resolve. Think of it like a marathon except, instead of running for hours, you’re kicking for 

hours and, instead of a medal, you get a belt.


Do I get a new belt every year?

No, sweetheart. The truth hurts, but belts are not a participation award and are not a 

guaranteed outcome of attending an event. If you train hard and have a presence, your 

chances of getting a belt improve. However, as in all of life, nothing is guaranteed and 

many factors contribute to students advancing, including level of commitment, skill, 

haircut, etc.