What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art developed in the 1500s by African and 

indigenous slaves in Brazil as a form of self-defense from their oppressors. It is marked 

by its agile and tricky movements that may be executed anywhere from an upside-down 

position, to a gravity-defying kick. It has a strong acrobatic component in some styles 

and is always played with music. The word Capoeira is an indigenous word meaning ‘tall 

grass’.  If slaves managed to escape, they would often use this grass to hide in and 

ambush their masters.

 Styles of Capoeira

There are two main styles of Capoeira, along with many other less distinct ones. One is

called Angola, which is characterized by tricky, low play with particular attention to the 

rituals and tradition of Capoeira. This style is often described as slow. However, it may be 

just as fast as the next style, but with different rituals. The other style is Regional, known 

for its fluid acrobatic, high-flying kicks and powerful attacks. Speed and agility are 

common traits of this style. Both styles of Capoeira are marked by counter attacks, 

feints, and use lots of ground movements along with elbows, hands, kicks, head-butts, 

sweeps and other take-downs.

What is Capoeira not?

Capoeira is not easy. Nor is it “just for super-fit people.”

Capoeira is not “break-dance fighting.” Yes, we've seen that episode of Bob’s Burgers.

Capoeira is not ineffective. If you hold such a belief we encourage you to come find out 

first hand.

Is Capoeira for regular people?

Yes. Anyone of any age, gender, or body type can be successful in Capoeira. Once you 

know the basics you can mold the game to your abilities and do things you never 

thought possible. 

What are the benefits of doing Capoeira?

In addition to the obvious increased cardio health, flexibility, balance, self-defense, and 

strength, we offer this expanded list of benefits:

                                                  Improved conversation-starting ability  

  Stress relief

                     Learn a new language 
                                                                  Develop music skills you never knew you had
    Action pants!
                                You’ll be a smash at parties
                                          Are you a smoker? Not any more.