Instrutora: Arara

Sonia first heard of Capoeira in 1999 when she was traveling in Israel. That same year, when she returned to her home town of Vancouver, Canada, Sonia had the opportunity to witness Capoeira. The next day she began training under Mestre Barrão. For three years Sonia trained six days a week. In 2001, Sonia had an opportunity to live in the US Virgin Islands on the island of St. Croix. With a fellow Capoeirista from Grupo Axé Capoeira, Sonia helped grow Capoeira in the Virgin Islands. The group in St. Croix celebrated their success by hosting a Batizado, bringing Mestre Barrão and other guests to meet the students of the United States Virgin Islands.

In 2006, Sonia joined her husband and fellow Capoeiristas in Kansas City. Initially training under the guidance of Relógio, Sonia and Preguiça grew their Capoeira while raising two daughters (who also train Capoeira). Balancing a family life with a passion for Capoeira, Sonia has traveled and participated in numerous Batizados and celebrations across North America, Mexico and Brasil. In 2012, Sonia became a certified Brasilian Dance teacher under the guidance of Head Dance Instructor and Choreographer Aurinha De Jesus of Grupo Axé Capoeira. In the same year, Sonia was awarded her graduated belt. With drive, passion, commitment and support from Mestre Barrão and her family, Sonia has helped to grow the group here in Kansas City. 2015 marks a very exciting year as Grupo Axé Capoeira Kansas City moves into their first Academy – a place where she and her students can call home.  

Hope to see you there.