Grupo Axé Capoeira Summer Camp

 Mon-Friday 8:30-3:30 * July 26-30 (ages 5-12)          


Our days together will be wonderful.  Each day begins at 8:30 and we welcome the day with some form of physical activity.  As the day unfold your children will participate in all things Capoeira:  Music, arts, crafts, history, language, acrobatics and of course Capoeira itself.

All Children will bring a packed lunch and healthy snacks will be provided.  Pick up is at 3:30pm.

We have had great fun on our two field trip adventures and we will do this again this year. 

On Wednesday we will go to Swope park pool.  Our Friday field trip adventure starts at Union Station and,  via the take the streetcar, we head to City Market.  There  we will enjoy a feast at Taste of Brazil restaurant and play Capoeira in the center square.

Special  Guest

We hope to have another special guest join us again this year. Given all the recent restrictions on travel, we may have to get creative and invite some of our own adult students to visit with us for part of the day.  


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Once Registered, you and your child will receive permission slips for our field trips along with a more detailed Itinerary of events

Summer Camp